Fort Lauderdale Considers Buying One-Way Bus Tickets To Clear Streets Of Homeless

Source: The Huffington Post

After placing 7,000 people in shelters and housing programs earlier this year, Fort Lauderdale is considering an alternative solution to homelessness — buying those without a roof over their heads a one-way bus ticket out of the city, The Palm Beach Postreports.

Proponents of the Homeless Reunification Program, which aims to take people off of the streets and into the arms of family members, say that spending thousands of dollars on bus tickets is a more efficient long-term option to spending money on shelters.

“We’re not pushing them out,” Mayor Jack Seiler toldThe Palm Beach Post. “If somebody has a network of support, a group of family and friends that will provide for them back home, that’s probably a good place for them to be.”

Funding for the one-way bus ticket program in St. Petersburg, Fla., recently doubled, The St. Petersburg Times reports. Last week alone, three times as many homeless people were shipped out of the city as compared with a typical month last year.

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