Fox News Plays Wrong Clip, Making Mitt Romney’s ‘Best Friend’ Barack Obama

Source: Nando Di Fino / Mediaite

On Monday morning’s America’s Newsroom, host Bill Hemmer was speaking on Mitt Romney‘s viability as a candidate. Hemmer mentioned that Romney was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Sunday, and, in the course of the discussion, Hemmer noted that, “at the end of that interview, Chris gave Romney the opportunity to talk about his personal life, which is frankly something we don’t hear an awful lot about. Here is Romney on his relationship with his best friend…”

“First of all, he was not the reason that the economy hit bottom and then begins to recover. We have gone through recessions before. He made this one worse. And he made the recovery more tepid.”

“My mistake,” Hemmer said, laughing. “I thought that was about Ann Romney. Clearly that was about Barack Obama. Who is not his best friend. That’s funny.

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