Friday Focus: This Season Think “Need,” Not “Want”

By Roy S. Johnson
Founder of Fit! Live! Win!
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This is typically hailed as the season of giving. In truth, it’s the season of wanting.

Children and adults alike are making their lists–early enough so that someone may check them twice, then get a good cyber deal. The lists most likely include “toys,” of all kinds: the latest, the greatest, the iHottest.

And sometime the most ridiculously expensive.

The co-workers at one of my friends’ office annually “adopt” economically disadvantaged families and buy them gifts from their wish-lists. In recent years some workers expressed concern because the “wish” items were growing more and more expensive.

This year, my friend said, a teen-aged girl from one families asked for “red-bottom shoes.” Now, true confessions: I had no clue what they were. “They can cost up to seven-hundred dollars! One  woman in the office said, ‘I’m not going to buy something for someone that I can’t afford to buy for myself!’”

Needless to say there will be no Red Bottom shoes under that girl’s tree!

Last night, I asked my 14-year-old daughter what she wanted for Christmas. “Money,” she responded without a moment’s hesitation.

“That’s not a Christmas present,” I said.”Birthday maybe, but Christmas, no way I’m wrapping, what, a wad of bills, and putting it under the tree. Or whipping some bills out of my wallet on Christmas morning. Na-uh. Ain’t happening.”

“I don’t know what I want,” she said. “By then I’ll know, so I’ll just go out and buy it.”


Maybe she doesn’t know what she wants because she really doesn’t need anything.

This season, if we think about our needs rather than our wants when we put together our wish lists, then most of us will really just how truly blessed we are.

And what better gift this season could we ever really receive?

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