Hazing And Black Colleges: Is The Practice Of Hazing More Prevalent At HBCUs? Can The Practice Be Stopped? (VIDEO)

Roland Martin and Prof. Ricky Jones join Anderson Cooper on AC360 to discuss the perceived culture of hazing at historically Black colleges and universities.

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  • John Hughes

    WOW, disband the band? Disband greek letter orgs, but only black greek letter orgs? Roland dictated that he would not accept hazing, well, physical hazing, but his line brothers did accept it? It’s one of those strange conversations that need to happen. Just not sure they need to happen on CNN with AC in the middle/as referee. Then again, it has people talking.

    I was particularly upset that the FAMU band members in an earlier reported incident were males beating a female and they broke her thigh and had to be stopped from continuing by another member.

  • That professor was off his rocker.  The connection he was attempting to illustrate between HBCUs and hazing laughable.

  • Mary

    His view is completely biased…20 years of “research” and he still has the audacity to say that hazing is disproportionately a BGLO issue? It’s obvious he’s not asking the right questions. If you Google hazing deaths/injuries the majority of the results are from non-BGLOs.  Hazing is an issue that appears in ALL groups even teenage cliques. He should do real research.

  • Rjc41893

    absolutely not…. look at the university of alabama. period.

  • Rjc41893

    nigs don’t get hazed for shit

  • Rjc41893

    ‘i went to boulder’… you think those hippies give a shit about their fraternities? talk about bias..

  • I disagree that it CANNOT be stopped. I agree with Roland, you have to address it from all sides, state law, the fraternity/sorority/military/sports programs/bands, etc. and the individuals that seek to enter into those organizations. What we are talking about is “learned behavior” and the need to modify it. Quite simply, it takes time!