Kindle Fire Vs. iPad 2: Can The Kindle Fire Compete With The iPad 2?

Roland Martin just received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and would like to know the pros and cons of this hot new device. So what do you think, can the Kindle Fire compete with the iPad2?

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  • Anonymous
  • Jagneshaw

    As an owner of an iPad 2 & the traditional Kindle, I don’t believe it’s quite fair to compare the two. Although the Kindle Fire is positioned as a fully functional tablet, I believe that it serves best as an extraordinary E-Reader. The breadth of apps, processor speed, and overall functionality of the iPad allow for it to ALMOST replace your laptop.

    The Kindle series excels at what it was intended to do: provide intuitive access to a plethora of reading materials and an extremely enjoyable reading experience. Ultimately I see it as business vs pleasure.

  • Jef

    It’s unfair to compare these two devices, i believe they are going after two totally different markets. If you are looking for a full blown multimedia tablet with all the bells and whistles then the ipad 2 is the way to go. However i think Amazon is directing its product at consumers that dont necessarily want a full blown tablet device but would like a richer experience when reading books and would like to stream movies and listen to audio occasionally. 

  • Dwee

    For consumers who want to supplement their smartphone and laptop/PC, I believe the Kindle Fire is the way to go. In my case, since I have an IPhone and a laptop, I only need a tablet that enhances my reading, social networking, music, and movie experiences.  Personally, I believe consumers would be wise to focus their tablet purchases based on their needs verses brand name. Youi don’t need an iPad if all you use it for is Facebook and email.