Lawmaker Wants Military Patrols In New Orleans After Toddler’s Murder

Source: Antoinette Campbell / CNN

A Louisiana lawmaker wants the National Guard to patrol the streets of New Orleans after a toddler who was four days shy of her second birthday was shot and killed in a drive-by.

“She was out here as a innocent bystander. She’s dead now,” said Rufus Ruck, the child’s cousin.

Keira Holmes Gordon was gunned down in a double shooting at the B. W. Cooper Housing development on Sunday. She was one of two people hit when gunmen from two separate cars opened fire on a man who was standing nearby.

According to police, the man ran into a crowded courtyard full of kids trying to escape the barrage of bullets. He was hit several times but survived the shooting.

The toddler was pronounced dead at the scene. She would have turned 2 on Thursday.

State lawmaker Austin Badon Jr., who represents part of Orleans Parish, said crime is spiraling out of control and wants the government to step and help control the violence.

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