Cain: ‘I Am Suspending My Presidential Campaign’

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Herman Cain announced Saturday he is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. This suspension comes after weeks of scrutiny over alleged sexual misconduct and accusations of an extramarital affair.

  • I wonder what he’s doing at this very moment?

  • Even before he dropped out of the race on Saturday (12/3), there was a
    gaggle of pundits predicting the demise of Herman Cain as a
    presidential candidate. ”He was never going to be the nominee anyway,”
    claimed Cokie Roberts of ABC news. I saw some unknown lib spinster on
    FOX Friday afternoon saying the same thing. He was the sole front-runner
    for a time. Why would allegedly intelligent people say such things? A
    couple of reasons: 1. They can’t be proven wrong now that scandal has
    sent him running and 2. They know darn well he had great conservative
    ideas politically — and they believe if they minimize the candidate,
    they minimize message. Thus, leaving room for more centrist or moderate
    views which — they hope — will mean an easily defeated nominee for
    president Obama to take on next year.
    He hit the campaign trail
    and grabbed our attention because he didn’t sound like a politician. He
    sounded more like a CEO. He sounded like a cancer survivor. He sounded
    like a neighbor who was a leader at the local church. He sounded like a
    guy who has had enough of the liberal takeover of our government and the
    mentality of the elitists in this country doing all they can to take
    over every aspect of our everyday lives. That’s why he got such
    momentum. He would respond to questions asked at the debates with
    direct, witty, insightful, decisive, and well-thought-out answers. We
    turned up the volume and leaned closer to the TV to hear more. His 9-9-9
    plan — although not perfect — was a marketing marvel. What a great
    idea. Simplify the tax code, make sure everyone pays something (even
    illegal aliens and law breakers) and not apologize about it. As
    misunderstood and maligned as that plan was, it was not policy that
    dropped him from front-runner to also ran.
    Mitt Romney can’t lock
    up the nomination because of his single-payer healthcare law in
    Massachusetts, he was for abortion before he was against abortion, and
    other questionable positions past and present that make conservatives
    wonder about his bone fides. Gov Rick Perry dominated until his have a
    “heart” response to questioning about in-state tuition for illegal
    immigrants — another policy issue. Newt Gingrich is looking great — but,
    there are loud rumblings about his work with the Heritage Foundation on
    a single-payer healthcare system. Any of those candidates would be
    light years better than the current president. But, the story was
    different with Herman Cain. Other than an odd answer about his pro-life
    stance and a bit of confusion on a question about Libya, Herman Cain on
    the issues — was as conservative as you get on the trail. Knowing they
    couldn’t attack on those issues — the media went digging for dirt.
    don’t know and I don’t know if Herman Cain sexually harassed anyone.
    You know who knows? The women and he know. There is no proof of it and
    he denies it. The story of the one woman who came forward is sketchy at
    best and her background would suggest she’s a gold-digger and publicity
    hound. Even with that said — the media putting it out there took Can
    from front-runner to 2nd or third place almost overnight. When he had
    once enjoyed 30+ percent support of women republicans he, days later,
    only enjoyed single digit support from the same demographic. All of this
    BEFORE Ginger White would become a household name (in the homes where
    the race was being followed). What does that tell us? With no proof and
    only word of women who either currently work in the democrat
    administration or who a few months ago greeted Herman Cain with a hug at
    an event — the media can render a candidate null and void. Before you
    scoff at what I just said because the public allegedly doesn’t trust the
    media, consider this. Why did so many of you go from supporting Cain to
    suspecting Cain almost overnight — BEFORE Ginger White? Because of what
    you learned from the media. Face it — they set the narrative whether
    you want to admit it or not.
    Ginger White claims she and Herman
    Cain had an almost 14 year affair. Her proof? He signed a couple of
    books for her (if that proves an affair, I’m sleeping with Bob
    Schieffer) and some phone records that show he had her number and he had
    hers. They called and texted quite a bit. He admits a friendship — she
    said it was so much more. He says he financially was helping a friend,
    she says it was a ton more than that. Because of this relationship —
    whatever it is — Herman Cain is no longer a candidate. Did they have
    more than a friendship? You don’t know and I don’t know. You know who
    knows? Herman Cain and Ginger White. She says yes — he says no — the
    media says “Cheers” and “mission accomplished.” On the issues, Herman
    Cain was a great candidate.
    Should we have ignored the
    allegations? The harassment allegations should have never even been
    reported until and unless there was some proof and there is none. The
    Ginger White situation — much the same should have happened. A TV
    station in Atlanta jumped on the chance to not only give her TV time..
    but, as much as she wanted. Their initial story on White was three or
    four times longer than any average TV story. There was little or no
    proof and a Cain denial. There is still no proof and he continues to
    deny – but, for all intents and purposes, the campaign was over. Is it a
    problem if he did have an affair? Absolutely for his wife and family —
    and absolutely for everyone who trusted him to be their candidate. We
    Americans can forgive and accept a lot — but, we try our best to not
    vote for liars. By the way, I hope this trend continues when President
    Obama asks you for your vote next year. He’s not only lied consistently —
    but, he does it with such ease it’s scary. What now for the GOP and for
    we conservatives? We watch and listen closely. We carefully examine the
    attacks the media is sure to bring against those who remain. And, we do
    all we can to continue educating our friends, relatives, neighbors and
    co-workers on how horrible the future of our great land looks if this
    administration were allowed to continue for another term.
    I wish
    Herman Cain well. If what White says is true — I hope he and his family
    and his God can work through it. If not, then shame on the media and all
    of you who abandoned him on the word of a woman with a checkered past
    on a TV station looking for ratings during November sweeps. But, what do
    I know?