PAYROLL TAX STALEMATE: President Obama Slams ‘Refusal To Cooperate’ (VIDEO)

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President Obama slams Republicans’refusal to cooperate’ in the payroll tax debate.

  • Jackejay50

    I’m sick and tired of these Republicans playing with my life!! I went to my diabetes dr. and couldn’t see him because I owed 276.00.  It took me a couple of weeks to come up with the money but I took it and paid my bill.  THEN come to find out, my insurance have run out from a company that I had worked for for over 20 years, that shut down 2 years ago.  I couldn’t even MAKE an appointment to see the dr. because I have no insurance now.  I went to get one of my diabetes medicines filled, a 90 day supply was over $800!! I had to get money from my dad to get a 25 day supply for $230.  Now I’m looking at my unemployment insurance being played with by congress!! It makes me think that the “Death Tax” is now calling my name.  Weary? No!! I’m TIRED AS HELL of people WITH money and people WITH insurance playing games with my life!! This is NOT a game, I am NOT a can that can be kicked down the road.  I am a HUMAN being that’s feeling like a second class citizen in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!