McQueary: “Act Was Over” So I Didn’t Go To Cops

Source: AP / CBS News

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary says he witnessed former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky molesting a boy but that he didn’t call police because he was sure “the act was over.”

McQueary was testifying Friday at a preliminary evidentiary hearing for two of his superiors at Penn State who are charged with perjury for allegedly lying to a grand jury in an attempt to cover up child sex abuse allegations against another coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Under cross-examination, McQueary answered a question that many observers had asked: Why didn’t he call police on Sandusky?

He says it was because it was “delicate in nature” and that he tried to use his best judgment. He says he was “sure the act was over.”

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  • Kelly

    McQueary is spinning.  He tells the Grand Jury he “saw”, but his father and a friend of the family a doctor has said; McQueary told them  he “heard” what sounded like sex noises.  Now we are presented with this?  And what of the doctor isn’t he bound by law to report suspected molestation to the Police even if the information is second hand? 

  • That’s the dumbest damn excuse I’ve ever question is why didn’t he beat Sandusky’s ass on the spot…if ever anyone needed an ass whipping of epic proportion, I would say Sandusky did..It amazes me that everyone involved was thinking more about Penn State and what they could lose and not those unfortunate children…this is madness, they should all be locked up with him..everyone who heard about it failed those children…