Perspective: Lowe’s Should Be Ashamed For Pulling Ads From All-American Muslim (VIDEO)

This week has been amazing when we look at what has happened when it comes to the attack on American Muslims in this country. A small group out of Florida decided to launch a protest against the TLC show “All-American Muslim.” So, what did they do? They went after the advertisers. Now, according to them, several major companies chose not to advertise on the show, but one company actually released a statement explaining why they pulled their advertising. And that’s Lowe’s.

A lot of people have come after Lowe’s as a result of that decision. And you know what? They should have. How in the world could Lowe’s sit here and not even bother to even watch the show to un- — understand what it’s all about? What did this so-called “Christian” group out of Florida say about “All-American Muslim”? They complained that radical Islam was not a part of the show.


What we have in this country is an absolute attack on Muslims. Everyone wants to assume — the critics I mean — they want to assume that all Muslims want to attack America. They want to enact Sharia law, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Just ask Pres. George W. Bush. Just ask Grover Norquist. Why? Because in 2000, they had an aggressive effort to recruit Muslim-Americans to his campaign. So, what would they say?

This is shameful bigotry on the part of too many Americans.

And, Lowe’s, you should ashamed for pulling out of this show. It was an opportunity to teach America a different side of Muslims.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?