EURweb: Radio One Has Banned Music Associated With Mathew Knowles

Source: EURweb

*Last month,  EURweb reported that Cathy Hughes’ cable channel TV One was suing the BET Network, MTV and Music World Music for violating its exclusive rights to the Essence Music Festival.

Mathew Knowles’ Music World Music is listed in the lawsuit because his company brokered the deal for the Essence Music Festival broadcast with TV One.  His company is being accused of re-issuing the content BET, MTV and BET’s Centric Network despite TV One’s four-year exclusivity agreement.

Now, EURweb has learned that TV One’s sister company, Radio One, has pulled all of Knowles’ Music World  songs and artists from their radio stations nationwide.

“All Radio One personnel were told to pull all Music World artists out of rotation immediately and indefinitely!  We were told that the mandate came straight from Ms. Hughes and that there would be ramifications for anyone playing or mentioning a Music World artist or song on air,” a Radio One employee, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told us.

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Meanwhile, several calls to Radio One’s Senior Vice President of Programming Content, Jay Stevens, for comment, were not returned.

Removing all of Music World’s  songs and artists potentially creates a financial loss for Knowles, whose company primarily focuses on gospel music currently.

“Radio One owns at least 12 gospel stations across the country – that’s the majority.  It’s hard for artists to sell CD’s without radio airplay!  Right now Music World definitely isn’t getting any from Radio One,” the source explained.

Currently, Music World Gospel boasts a roster that includes Juanita Bynum, Trin-I-Tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Micah Stampley and BET’s “Sunday Best” winners Le’Andria Johnson and Amber Bullock.  All of them have been removed from the Radio One programming system Selector, according to our source.

“Le’Andria Johnson’s song ‘Jesus” was in heavy rotation on Radio One stations one day and the next day she wasn’t getting any spins.  New music by Trin-I-tee 5:7 and Micah Stampley, as well as recurring hits by Brian Courtney Wilson have been pulled as well,” the source added.

Even though EUR was told that Radio One has pulled music by Destiny’s Child and other previous songs released in conjunction with Music World; it has not directly impacted newer solo releases by Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – all of whom had terminated their management and recording agreements with Music World prior to the lawsuit being filed.

EUR reached out to Mathew Knowles who did respond to our request for a comment on the predicament he finds himself and his company in. Not too surprisingly, he had quite a bit to say. We’ll have that exclusive interview for you tomorrow.

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