RENE SYLER: Would You Let Your Teens And Friends Drink In Your Home?

teenage boys drinking beer 300x200 Would You Let Your Teens And Friends Drink In Your Home?

By René Syler

Good Enough Mother TV Alert! I just got booked to appear on a National Talk Show, taping this week. The topic? Kids and drinking in the home. There are a couple of scenarios actually; parents who allow their kids to drink at home or those who say they didn’t know what was going on.

Parents in the first camp feel kids are going to drink anyway and they’d rather they do it there and be safe than outside the house and run into potential danger. Parents in the second camp say they trust their kids and that are usually (or say they are) blind-sided when presented with evidence that their cherubs were imbibing under their noses.

You know where I stand on this issue but let me reiterate. No. No, no, no my kids and their little friends will not be throwin’ back under my roof until they are of legal drinking age. Period. Do I worry they’ll drink outside my house? Of course I do and that’s why we talk about this thing called consequences. You see, I have things they want, cell phones, computers, a room with a door on it, you get my point. Buff and I pay the mortgage and are ultimately in control of what happens under this roof. It’s frustrating to see parents who are afraid to take control and as a result, it’s wrested from them by their teens who are woefully ill-equipped to be in charge, no matter what they say.

Okay, that’s my take; I’d love to hear what you think on this issue. Take the poll and feel free to leave a comment afterward. And if you are a mom with a strong opinion about this, let me know. We’d love to have you in the audience.

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