ROY S. JOHNSON: Start Your ’12 Resolutions Now!

By Roy S. Johnson
Founder of Fit! Live! Win!
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My gym was Ghostville this morning when I walked in. Granted, it was later than my usual early-early morning shift (hey, I slept in until 730 a.m.) so I wasn’t sure if the place looked this every day at this time or not.

By the time I left two hours later the buzz was back, and the place was filled with people of all shapes and sizes–but they were there nonetheless.

If you workout regularly and vigorously, I’ve already encouraged you to use this holiday respite to give yourself a bit of a break.

Maybe sleep in a couple of days.

Change up the routine or simply drop it for a couple of days altogether.

Try a new class, or get familiar with different machines.

Eat some ice cream!

That said, this break between Christmas and the new year is also a great time to get a jump-start on ’12 by starting those inevitable resolutions now!

First and foremost, make realistic resolutions–and probably no more than three.

Don’t resolve to workout five days every week, run a marathon and enter a kick=boxing tournament when you haven’t workout or run in years, the thought of getting hit makes you call for mommy.

Instead, resolve to workout twice a week, run a half marathon and take a boxing class.

And don’t try to do everything in January.

My regular spin class will be packed with resolutioners starting the first week in January–annoyingly so.

But no worry. They’ll be gone by March, if not sooner.

If you do workout regularly resolve to, as I always say, challenge yourself in some way.

Perhaps it is time to tackle that marathon or some physical challenge, such as climbing a mounting or navigating white-water rapids!

Maybe it’s time to resolve to improve your eating habits–perhaps trying to eat more vegetables or drink less alcohol and more water.

Or resolve to do a cleanse or try a fast.

One of my resolutions is to get back on my regiment of vitamins and supplements. I take Fiber, Flaxseed Oil, Glucosamine and a general multi-vitamin. I’d slacked off in recent months. Started back today.

Resolutions related to your health and fitness should also not be short-term. They should be for life, which I resume is how long as you want to remain fit and healthy.

It’s that time of year when we make these kinds of commitments.

Why wait?

Challenge yourself!


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