ROY S. JOHNSON: Take It Easy Now–But Hit the ’11 Finish Line!

By Roy S. Johnson
Founder of Fit! Live! Win!
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This is the time of year when it starts to get tough.

You’re drained from all the year-end drama at work.

You’re drained from shopping (and you’re not done yet).

And you’re drained at the thought of Christmas dinner.

Workout? Please. Right now, You’re just out.

It’s easy to slack off these last few days of the year (and, let’s face it, the first few days of next year). Your mind and body feels like it deserves a break–a respite.

And it does.

You’ve worked hard all year–in the office, in your relationship and either in the gym or on the road or in whatever way you stay in shape.

You’ve earned the right to chill. To celebrate. To share your joys and blessings with friends and loved ones without feeling guilty about missing a day or two at the gym.

Here’s how:

Don’t completely shut it down. Don’t toss your sneakers and workout gear into to hamper and forget about them until the middle of January.

Just dial it back a bit for the nest couple of weeks. If you workout 5-6 days a week (like I do), take a day off in the middle.

If you’ve been watching your diet down to the last trans fat, indulge yourself a bit once a week. (You’re gonna do it on Christmas anyway.) Or simply eat what you want–but watch those portions!

And when you do workout, you don’t have to go as hard as you normally might. Maybe go hard one or two days, then get in, say, an easy cardio and stretching session one day and light weight-resistence on another.

If you’re not into yoga or haven’t done T’ai Chi, this is a great time of year to try a class.

In the gym try some of the machines that aren’t normally in your regimen.

This way, you’ll give your body and mind a break without losing all your gains and  roll into ’12 like Santa’s roly-poly cousin.

Also, when you kick it back into gear next year, hard work and sweat won;t feel as foreign to you as the other side of the world.

‘Tis the season…to be thankful for health, life and joy.

Challenge yourself! (But take it easy, too)

Roy S. Johnson is the founder of Fit! Live! Win! and former Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Fitness. Fit! Live! Win! was created to be the only workout buddy you’ll ever need, to help you challenge yourself with new workout moves, training regiments and eating strategies from the best trainers and nutritionists in the business. For more information about Roy S. Johnson and Fit! Live! Win! visit