The Black Room: I Never Met A Sigma Under 55, Nobody Wants To Be A Sigma

Roland Martin talks with Armstrong Williams and Deborah Mathis about African-American fraternity, sororities and the Sigmas.

  • BDWillie3

    Please let Roland Martin know that Congressman Meeks is not an Alpha.

    • Iceman97

      Roland is correct – Congressman Gregory Meeks is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. initiated in New York City.

  • wonderingwhyIevenwastemytime

    I am a 37 yo orthopaedic surgeon and proud to be a Sigma. And given how congress has approached healthcare, I would not brag about how many of my brethren are responsible for their decisions. 

  • Mr. Majors

    It’s funny that Roland has never seen a Sigma under the age off 55 and our fraternity has over 150,000 members. Where’s he looking? (“In nursing homes?”) Also, he needs to do his research; Alpha Phi Alpha is not the 1st  African-American Greek-lettered organization. It is the first inter-collegiate Greek-letter organization established for African Americans. Sigma Pi Phi is the first African-American Greek-lettered organization. Sigma Pi Phi was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 15, 1904. Do your research before you start talking out the side of your neck sir.
    G.O.M.A.B. or GoHome.

  • Sigma Under 55

    As a journalist, I’ve known Roland for several years and I’m a proud Sigma under 55. I pledged undergrad in ’85 at MU chapter, Lincoln University in PA. All of the chapters at LU are important and respected within their individual frats and we respect each other. For example, the Q’s Beta chapter is at LU. Roland is just having  fun. Typical “dozens” chatter that is not to be taken seriously. Roland being Roland. As I’ve told him several times, when he’s visited here in Virginia, when you’ve actually pledged and didn’t skate through you don’t feel a need to keep pounding your chest about your frat. Actually pledging and bonding with your brothers should give you that confidence and inspire you to serve humanity. Roland is obviously still struggling with the quality of his pledge experience. Perhaps he visited a different Alpha chapter where they actually pledge and was shocked that they did much more than sign an application and pay a fee. It’s OK Roland. I’ve told you this before. Others have slipped by too, but you’ve accomplishing great things and that’s what’s important. You’re still a good Alpha man. I continue to pray for you, brother.

  • UGA1969

    To my Sigma Greek brothers…I think Roland was engaging in sarcasm.  The whole tone of the discussion was reminiscent of a group of collegiate Greek black men hanging out talking trash about their fraternities.  Lighten up!

  • Dennis

    Roland Martin is just speaking the truth. The Alphas are the leaders and because of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, other organizations were born. You can’t erase history, just ignore it. ’06.