Trump Falsely Claims President Obama Issued A Statement For Kwanzaa But Not For Christmas

Source: James Crugnale / Mediaite

Potential third-party candidate Donald Trump tweeted a missive against President Obama this morning, “What a convenient mistake: @BarackObama issued a statement for Kwanza but failed to issue one for Christmas.” At first take, this would seem to be an astoundingly embarrassing blunder on the President’s part, keenly uncovered by Trump. How could President Obama forget about Christmas?

Except, he really did issue statements about Christmas! A lot of them! You may remember President Obama released a “taxpayer funded video” wishing Americans a Merry Christmas just this weekend!

But the smokingest gun of President Obama’s public display of affection for Christmas perhaps is this photo of the President joining Kermit the Frog, Santa Claus and Carson Daly, of TRL fame, to light the White House Christmas tree!

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  • Anonymous

    When will this madness from Donald Trump stop regarding President Obama? I know the GOP/Tea Party/Conservatives don’t like the man but this is over the top.

    Vote in 2012….