Washington Watch Special: How Your Credit Report & Credit Reporting Agencies Impact Your Life

When you tune into “Washington Watch,” you never know who or what topic I’m taking on. Today, I’m throwing out our regular format to focus on a topic that folks, especially African-Americans, need to get more serious about – and that is our credit rating and how it affects what we can buy, what we rent, drive, live and even wear, or whether we can get a job. That’s right. Employers all across America are pulling your credit report before hiring, even for jobs where you aren’t handling money.

Landlords are checking your credit report before renting you an apartment. The phone company, electric company, gas company often check your credit rating before turning on your utilities. And we all know all businesses check our credit report before selling us anything on credit, whether it’s a house, a car, or a bigscreen TV. Your credit report and your credit score go a long way to determine the quality of your life.

But just who controls these reports and scores? And who is watching the three credit reporting agencies that have so much power over your life? Over the next hour, we will answer these questions to help you understand the power these credit agencies have and give you the tools to take control of your financial well being. Folks, this is a big deal, and you want to pay attention.