Washington Watch with Roland Martin, 12.25.11, Video Podcast

This week’s special edition of Washington Watch comes to you from the Worship Center of the Potter’s House, founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes. This nondenominational church has 30,000 members and hundreds of ministries. It is a major force in the community, in the nation and also all over the world. We are here today because several months ago, Bishop Jakes and I met in Washington, D.C., for lunch; and I talked about the importance of authentic manhood in the 21st century – not just in the Church, but in the home and the community – and how the future of the Black family – and, really, all families – will be predicated on strong men rising up.

During this special edition of Washington Watch we focus on fathers in Black families – what it means where they are in the lives of children and the pain that can last for years when they are not.

All that and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

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  • Marieasutton

    The video stops playing halfway in. Would love to see the rest of it.

  • mariee

    I can’t believe how this pastor didn’t admit or understand that something had to be wrong when a young girl becomes pregnant.  Looking outside in I could only guess that he was too busy trying to make his church profitable that he was not there for her.  I was one of those girls that is why I can ask that question,  a girl doesn’t look somewhere eles if she is not lacking at home, so that is why I can’t get involved with these churches because you find out these things later and the kids also try and protect their parent if they have to, to save their image. It’s all hypocritical and I hope he is there for any younger kids he might have because it can happen again in his family. 

  • Hschmid

    My heart goes out to black woman who have a very.limited opportunity to fine a man they can marry, seeing the high percentage of black men who are in prison or out on probation with limited employment opportunity to support a family. I don’t know large a number of these young women with the natural maternity desire who have a child, since a good marriage is unlikely. They would rather be a single parent, rather than having a another person to support.

    The solution to this problem is in the education of young black men to get to finish school and be a responsible member of society. We need to address the children of single parents.

    Thanks for the article on tome to talk.

  • ElmoLLawrence

    Hi Roland; I love your work. You always touch on points that are critical to our people, and reflect perspectives that rarely are in these times. I have composed a song entitled DADDY. It is addressing fatherhood, reflecting the lessons my father taught me years ago. It is jazzy and PBS did a story on me, my father, and this song last Father’s Day. I would like to send you a copy with your permission, so other Fathers can hear it and hopefully feel appreciated for the roll we play in our families lives. Trusting to hear from you soon. Elmo Lawrence 757 535-7884 or Elmo@eljproduction.com 

  • You are a racist Roland, everything you say about the GOP is bias. You do not have one positive thing to say about white people. No wonder CNN pulled you off the air, no intelligent person will ever take you seriously again.

  • Natalie R.

    Here is the hypocrisy as best illustrated in this cartoon


  • Natalie R.

    I pray that this will not be the same simplistic discussion that merely focuses on male accountability but considers the many contributing factors which include but definitely are not limited to our community’s indoctrination by radical liberal feminist ideolgues and the subsequent policies that give women the right to “choose” but abdicates them of the enormous responsibility that comes with such a right. Pre-conception = 20+ options for preventing unwanted preganancies and out of wedlock childbirths(70%) that are directly linked to the fatherless crisis. Post-conception = the morning after pill or termination of pregnancy… Post child birth = adoption or dropping the child off at a safe house. We talk a lot about men abandoning their responsibilities, but the same reason that women “abandon” motherhood (emotionally unprepared, financially unprepared, etc) are the same reasons that we refer to mens “walking away” as deadbeatism. Women have COMPLETE CONTROL throughout the process but I have become increasingly annoyed with the hypocrisy that ignores the fact that given womens complete right to “choose” the circumstances under which children are brought into this world then there should be greater focus on the complete responsibility that comes with that choice. Our leaders continue to ignore the complexity of the issue ignoring the realities of womesn evolving riole in society while maintaining the expectation that mens should remain rthe same.  It creates inequality that shows little regard for the well-being of men and boys in our community. I will simply say that a community that despises its men run the risk of creating despicable men. We are beginning to see the fallout after years of simply reducing the issue to mens need to “man up” while neglecting the social-emotional needs and feelings of distress that many of the men that are so often criticized raely receive any consideration for. I am a tired old woman that has sons nephews etc and am not willing to allow our leaders dominate this discussion where we have shifted to wards extending men the message of accountability while demonstrating little compassion it is ruthless and we respect men but have failed to love them..All the while we extend compassion to women while minimizing the accountability, it is infantilizing and it demonstrates love but it isnt respecting us to dfend our honor when we are being dishonorable. We will never solve this crisis with these antiquated messages where men are reduced to the value of their “doings” as opposed to the value of their being. Evry clergy and black leader in the country should be marching against the destruction being perpetrated against our men in the family courts but it wont happen because ey are cowards that lack the passion and humanity to truly address the issue!

  • good piece, this is so dynamic that it’s take much more than whats covered in the video but I must applaud you for taking the step to address this. I hope there is more to come from you on this.

  • Paradisius Event-Managers

    I would like to see an influx of leaders reign down on Chicago for one week and break the yoke of murder in that city, what say you Roland?