Washington Watch w/Roland Martin, 12.18.11 [Transcript]

At the top of our agenda this week, the war in Iraq is over. Is it “mission accomplished”? It’s zany season in the GOP presidential campaign, and Attorney General Eric Holder takes on the fight for your voting rights.

Our “Washington Watch” newsmaker: Benjamin Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP. In the “Washington Watch” roundtable: April Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks; Robert Traynham, Washington bureau chief for the Comcast Network; Sonya Ross, Race, Ethnicity and Demographics Editor for the Associated Press; and Joe Madison, Sirius XM Radio’s “Black Eagle.”

Black pastors like Jamal Bryant join forces with Occupy Wall Street to seek jobs and healthcare and to shine a light on the income inequality gap. Plus, Pres. Barack Obama’s outgoing chief domestic policy advisor Melody Barnes on what work still needs to be done. Plus a look at the Obama family at holiday time at the White House

All that and more in this week’s edition of “Washington Watch.”

Download the Washington Watch with Roland Martin transcript WW – 12.18.2011 Show