ROY S. JOHNSON: Work Your Body On Company Time: 8 No-Fail Moves

By Roy S. Johnson
Founder of Fit! Live! Win!
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Corporate wellness is no longer an ancillary feel-good luxury on the company portfolio. With health care costs soaring, it’s quickly becoming a bottom-line necessity. That is why I launched a corporate wellness consulting firm that works with companies and their insurance providers to educate, empower and motivate employees to lead healthier lives–which lowers health-care costs.

Some companies are taking employee health to unique and intriguing heights.

The New York Times recently showcased a financial staffing firm in Minneapolis, Salo, that encourages that it calls “walking meetings.”


They’ve filled a room with treadmills featuring “desks” facing towards each other that allow people to share ideas and take notes while getting in a bit of cardio.

Other companies are building gyms on site or offering employees mini-exercise rooms alongside the kitchenette.

Whether or not your company has any of these types of amenities, you can still take control of your on waistline without wasting company time.

Here are my Fit! Live! Win! 7 in-office exercise tips:

1. Take a 5-minute-plus walk every 90 minutes. Sitting too long hurts your circulation, which can become a major issue has you get older.

2. Use the stairs. How many times have have you taken the elevator one or two floors, As ESPN football analyst Chris Carter says: C’mon man!

3. Drink lots water. Make like you’re in the gym and keep a water bottle at your desk. Over an eight-hour day you should be able to down 64 oz. of the good stuff no problem.

4. Keep healthy snacks. When you have the urge to feed the candy machine, reach into your drawer and grab a good-for-you snack instead. I like nuts or fruit.

5. Stretch! Every 45 minutes stand up and reach for the ceiling, then down to your toes. Do truck rotations, too, to let those obliques know you love ‘em.

6. Bring your lunch. You’ll tend to pack a healthier option than anything you might buy at the company cafeteria or at the nearby take-out. You’ll save a few bucks, too.

7. Work that upper-body. Sure your co-workers might look at you funny when you drop and give yourself 10 or start doing tricep dips with your desk. Screw ‘em. In a few weeks, wear short sleeves and be prepared for arm, chest and shoulder envy.

8. Bike to work. It’ll soon be to chilly in some parts of the county to do this. The rest of y’all? No excuses!

You have plenty of time to take care of yourself on company time–and your employee will actually love you for it.

Challenge yourself!

Roy S. Johnson is the founder of Fit! Live! Win! and former Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Fitness. Fit! Live! Win! was created to be the only workout buddy you’ll ever need, to help you challenge yourself with new workout moves, training regiments and eating strategies from the best trainers and nutritionists in the business. For more information about Roy S. Johnson and Fit! Live! Win! visit