Black Lieutenant Governor: Florida Gov. Rick Scott ‘Epitomizes MLK’

Source: Joy-Ann Reid / theGrio

When Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll gives a compliment, expect the unexpected. In this case, the black second in command of the sunshine state says Gov. Rick Scott “epitomizes Martin Luther King Jr.” … Seriously.

“On Monday, we’re going to be celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and I can’t think of anybody currently in my life right now that more epitomizes the values and the vision of Dr. King than Gov. Rick Scott,” said Carroll.

“When the governor selected me to be his running mate, he did not look at the color of my skin, he looked at the content of my character and my integrity and work ethic, and what I brought to the table. This is the dream of Dr. King that was realized for me.”

Carroll made the remark at a meeting of the Florida Republican Party on Saturday.

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  • Aapcowboy

    She’s nuts!!!! Dr. King would have never abandoned the poor and disenfranchised the way Scott has. His policies have been nothing short of the opposite of what Dr. King would have done. Obviously, she spent her entire educational years in schools that never touched on Dr. King. May I suggest Google?

  • Lasmos1965

    She must be on crack!