Conn. Police Chief Retiring Amid Racial Scandal (VIDEO)

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Source: MSNBC

HARTFORD, Conn. — The police chief in East Haven, Conn., is retiring amid a scandal in which four officers are accused of tyrannizing Latino residents.

Chief Leonard Gallo’s attorney, Jon Einhorn, said the chief is stepping down because of the federal probe into the department, but that his client has neither participated in nor condoned racial profiling.

“He will be vindicated,” Einhorn said during a press conference on Monday, adding, “He is not guilty in any wrong doing.”

Einhorn said Gallo, 64, did not attend Monday’s brief press event because “it was too emotionally upsetting for him.”

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  • tiztiz

    Police Chief retiring -yeah after a scandal came up.
    He’s retiring with full benefits & a pension – now the department can start the healing process.
    Yeah right -LOL!

  • Plenty of fascist republican scum waiting in the wings to replace him.