Cops Say 15-Year-Old Girl Lured Victim To Gang Attack And Filmed It (VIDEO)

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Source: ABC News

A 15-year-old girl who videotaped a gang attack in a Chicago alley is one of seven teens charged in the assault of a 17-year-old boy that went viral after being posted on YouTube.

“She lured the victim to that location and also videotaped the attack,” said a spokesman for the Chicago police department. “It was planned and it was orchestrated so that victim would go to that alley and the attack would take place.”

The video was posted on YouTube shortly after the attack on Sunday afternoon. Although YouTube has made the original video age-restricted, the taped beating has gone viral on the Internet. Police say it helped them identify the attackers.

In the video, six attackers are seen beating and robbing a teenager of Asian descent in an alley behind a Chicago elementary school. They shout profanities and racial epithets while he is kicked and punched.

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  • All of them should be sent to prison and beat themselves. Gangs are a bunch of wanna be thugs, a clan of weaklings. Most of them couldn’t do nothing without the others holding their hands. The cities know where these gangs are and who most of the members are. Arrest them and outlaw gangs. They are nothing more than homegrown terrorists preying on people that they say are different. You say freedom to organize, yes if a chess club or something harmless, but when its a organization of people that terrorize others then you must draw the line somewhere. The parents of gang members that knowingly let them be involved should be dealt the same consequences as their child. Education starts at home, the city and state should do their part too. Stupid parents breed stupid kids.

  • and all of them should be charged with a hate crime and go to jail. I am for justice, regardless of race, if anyone is the victim of a hate crime (such as this or sexual harassment, gay bullying, etc), those are hate crimes and should be punished as such. no need to try to castigate an entire culture of people, not all black people do this and not all urban or all urban Chicago youth, etc. you get my point. one case, these kids are guilty, the same as if it was a bunch of white kids who did that to a black 17 year old, I would say and call for their punishement

  • This bullying is beyond evil.  Something must be done about these unruly, undisciplined, uncaring, heartless, non-compassionate bullies.  Examples need to be made to deter this nonsense. SMH