Egyptian Prosecutors Say Mubarak Should Be Hanged

Source: David D. Kirkpatrick / The New York Times

CAIRO—Egyptian prosecutors on Thursday called for former President Hosni Mubarak to be hanged, saying that he was ultimately responsible for the security forces’ killings of hundreds of peaceful protesters in demonstrations that ended his nearly three decades in power.

Egyptian law authorizes the death penalty for the deliberate murder of a single victim, one of the prosecutors, Mostafa Khater, told the court, so what is the appropriate sentence for the killing of hundreds? he asked. “There is life for you in the law of retribution, o men of understanding,” he said, quoting the Koran.

The prosecutors laid out their closing argument in the historic trial of Egypt’s disgraced head of state as both political activists and the military rulers braced for a possible outbreak of unrest on the Jan. 25 anniversary of the revolution. The potential resolution of the case could well help determine whether that date is a day of celebration or anger.

Mr. Mubarak’s defense is expected to lay out its argument within the next weeks, making it possible that the panel of judges could render its verdict before the anniversary.

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