JACQUIE HOOD MARTIN: Getting It Out In The Open – Just Be About It!


How many of you are in the middle of a family or friend feud right now? Aunt Sarah said something to Cousin Gene who misinterpreted what Aunt Beth told Aunt Sarah about something Cousin Gene may or may not have said or done. Whew! Confused? Me too. Rumors, gossip, speaking out of turn, eaves-dropping, and generally being involved in another persons business can lead to conflicts that may never be resolved. So how do you manage to stay out of the family and frenemy fray? I am glad you asked. What is important here is that we recognize:

  1. The importance of having open and honest conversations with the person whom we directly have a conflict. The last thing any one needs is to be misunderstood.
  2. The need to remain calm and collected. There is no reason to get upset and lose your sense of civility or respect. When you approach a matter, do with understanding and warmth.
  3. The need to talk to God before we run off talking to the person with whom we have issue. When we get ahead of God and don’t follow through with all of what we hear Him saying, or at times refuse to confirm with God what we thought He said, is in fact what He is communicating to you.
  4. The value of getting your facts straight. I think we can all attest that something we saw really wasn’t what was happening, just as much as we can say the bit of the conversation we heard, was not all there was to it. When we jump to conclusions we create even greater conflict.

As we each address the matters that are occurring in your family, home, or office, you must first ask yourself a few simple questions, that may be hard to answer.

  • Why am I drawn to conflict and controversy?
  • What areas of my life am I not addressing by addressing these areas in someone else’s life?
  • What is basically wrong with me that I cannot stay out of other folks business?

You see when the tables are turned, we all realize that we have issues that we must first address before we go off in a direction that leads us away from looking at ourselves in the mirror. I am not saying you should not take care of matters that are stirring up conflict in your concentric circle of concern. But, what I am saying is that until you allow yourself to have a personal reveal about what is bugging you, then stop bugging other people in the matters that they alone must deal with first. Just something to think about… We don’t ever want to find ourselves on the outside of God’s blessings. So, before we act we must first determine if we ourselves have come fully to terms with what is about to go down! Take for example the Oprah and Inyanla episodes. How many of you would have been mature enough to have a public conversation, or private for that matter, with someone who you generally believe has offended you? But, you know that you cannot go on with your life and vision for living, if you did not confront and address your concerns. We were witnesses to maturity in action! It is God’s desire that His children be whole and healed; a process that starts first with you. Take time to let God deal with you fully before seeking out, lashing out, or acting out!


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