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Home for the Holidays: Help, Hope, & Healing Series

We each can possibly recall an experience where we were blind-sided by others. We honestly will admit that we did not see what was about to happen coming. Consider a time in your life where you needed to take a stand for something and you had people indicating they would support you and be there for you as you took your stand. Then all of a sudden you find yourself alone. What happened to all those people who had your back? What happened to all the encouragers who egged you on to take your leap of faith toward your dreams? Well from personal experience I can recall that the stakes were too high for some people to go the distance. Heck, some never made it out of the starting block. It can be a heart breaking moment once you realize that you must take the journey toward your destiny by your lonesome.

You must question yourself if you want certain people who are with you now, walking with you to your next station in life.

  1. Do they have a true personal relationship with God?
  2. Have they made peace with their past?
  3. What leap of faith testimony do they have that you can glean a few life lessons?
  4. How is their prayer life?

All I can say from experience is, I would rather be by myself working toward the good thing God as in store for me, than walking beside people who are wishy-washy and don’t have a clue about how to walk by faith. God says ‘you can’t put old wine in new wineskins’ so I stopped trying to figure why people didn’t come with me when I took a stand. I began 20 years ago with a radio ministry, then one day Disney decided to buy-out the station. I was disappointed, but not deterred. Then the time came to leave the church ministry to go my way with my ministry. This was one of the hardest things I had ever done. It was not well received by some, but I was not in the habit of pleasing people; only God. I could have easily  remained in my comfort zone. I could have given in under the weight of such great responsibility. I could have even turned my back on God for putting me in a position to exercise my Job-like faith. Yet, God kept reminding me “behold I am doing a new thing,” are you onboard or not? You see what God has for you is based on His desire to use you in His kingdom-building work. It has nothing to do with whether or not other people believe, as long as you believe. Here are two key things to consider when determining if you are ready to step out on your own.

  1. Ministry or business ventures thrive when you believe in your gifts and talents. When you understand that there is value in having others walk with you, but accepting they are not necessary for God to carry out His will for your life; and
  2. Not everyone can or will be able to handle all you have been through or will go through with God to get where you are now and will go later on. Can you say high “collateral damage?”

We must be open to God’s leading and let him purge us from familiar people, places, and things. Without His leading, we are destined to fail under the weight and pressure of the responsibility. And, better still feeling guilty about bringing others along who were not ready for the journey and got burned out along the way. By now you are learning that God works best, when we cease to take matters in our own hands. Trust God and let Him have his perfect work in you. Your leap of faith is waiting…so what are you waiting for?

Learn & Launch Series

Our series is more than networking. “Learn & Launch” is relationship building. Building a relationship with yourself so you can take your business, work ethic, and brand to the next level. Getting to know yourself after the kids, the husband, the relationship failure, job termination, and a host of other concerns that only scratch the surface of getting you, back to you! Our monthly empowerment luncheons will give you the guidance and direction needed to restore balance in your life.

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Learn & Launch Series

January 6, 2012, DC Empowerment Luncheon
TIME: 11a-2p
The Willard Building
1455 Pennsylvania NW 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20004

Registration: $55 (Registration includes the seminar, lunch and book.)

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Nothing worth gaining or maintaining has ever come easy. So for the next 52-weeks you will be engaged in practices of reading, writing, and reflecting. And yes, at times the dreaded application of what you are learning. Each day for 45 weeks you will be guided by spiritual words of meditation to help facilitate a new perspective toward love and marriage. The devotionals are written to equip, enable, and empower you toward a life rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

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