Huntsman On Romney’s McCain Endorsement: ‘Nobody cares’

Source: Jo Ling Kent / MSNBC

PITTSFIELD, NH — Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman had this reaction to the news that John McCain — whom Huntsman endorsed four years ago — was backing Mitt Romney today in New Hampshire:

Nobody cares.

“I have great regard for Sen. McCain. I love the man. But it’s another example of establishment piling on,” Huntsman told reporters at Globe Incorporated, a first-responder fire suit manufacturer today.

“It seems the more establishment piles on, Dole, McCain, all the rest, nobody cares. Nobody cares about this. I mean, none of the endorsements that Romney picked up have been a thing in terms of how people respond, because the people are looking for a new generation of leadership. They’re looking for a new approach to problem solving in this country. You can get all the Doles and McCains in the world as Romney probably will, but in the end, nobody cares.”

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