Juan Williams Discusses Exchange With Gingrich: ‘I Don’t Think He Answered The Question At All’ (VIDEO)

Source: Jon Bershad / Mediaite

Juan Williams appeared on FOX News’ The Five and discussed the exchange that he had with Newt Gingrich during the South Carolina GOP debate.

  • DJ

    What is this mess?

  • Mamahall99

    Newt is an idiot-bigot-fraud.

  • DEE

    First, Juan Williams WANTED that “side of the fence” in the Fox/GOP world and he got it PERSONALLY! Second, Newt is the typical racist wannabee telling the Tea Party bigots EXACTLY what they want to hear and what will get them to the polls for him!

  • Awazus

    I have more respect for you Mr. Williams because you take the time to make your point one person at a time. We all know what Newt meant and I don’t think he wanted to answer your question because he lives on denial land as the rest of the GOP candidates. We are going to change this country one person at a time, it will take some time but we’ll get there.