BEWARE: Email Scam Could Clear Out Your Bank Account

Source: Mario Armstrong / HLN

The latest online banking scam is called “Gameover” and it’s an email that’s been making its way around in recent weeks.

Here are the basics: First and foremost, the email looks legitimate and appears to come from either the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). The email claims there’s some kind of problem with your bank account, and directs you to a website that asks for your login information.

For one, these government organizations have nothing to do with your bank account or login info, which should be your first hint that something is amiss. For another, the website doesn’t end in .gov, a sure sign it’s not a real government website. In fact, the government will never send you an email like this; if you have a problem with your bank, you will be contacted through the official channels and official email addresses of your bank directing you straight to your bank’s website, not links to click on.

Once the attackers get your banking info, however, it’s game over for your bank account which can quickly be cleared out and moved into the hands of criminals.

Bottom line, if you are concerned call the bank or type in the address to your bank, just don’t click on links in any emails!

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