Nigeria Protests Rage On As Calls For Accountability Grow (VIDEO)

Source: CNN

Lagos, Nigeria – Protests that started over a scrapped fuel subsidy expanded into an outcry against the government’s shortcomings as throngs of Nigerians of all classes took to the streets again Thursday.

Businesses including shops, banks and gas stations remained closed. Downtown Lagos, usually jam-packed on a regular day, was a ghost town as tires burned in the middle of empty streets.

In some areas, angry youth manned major highways.

“People of all walks are coming out to protest,” said Olumide Adeleye, a Lagos entrepreneur. “There are young people and old people. People parking their Mercedes-Benzs and Land Rovers. People walking bare foot.”

The government removed fuel subsidies January 1, doubling gas prices that in turn led to high transportation costs and soaring prices of food and other goods.

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