Ochocinco Tweets Boehner: “You Seem Pretty Angry”

Source: AP / CBS News

Chad Ochocinco’s production on the field may have declined this year but he hasn’t slowed down one bit on Twitter.

Ochocinco tuned in to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, and he soon was wondering about the unsmiling man sitting behind the Democratic president. Informed by a friend it was Republican Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, the former Cincinnati Bengal decided to reach out to him on Twitter, asking Tuesday night if he was “OK.” He added: “you seem pretty angry kind sir.”

Apparently still concerned Wednesday, Ochocinco asked Boehner in another message if he was in better spirits, and told him: “If all else seems bad in life, just remember I love you kind sir.”

Boehner thanked Ochocinco in a tweet and wished him good luck in the Super Bowl. The Patriots play the New York Giants for the National Football League championship on Feb. 5.

“We’ll see you in the playoffs next year,” Boehner added, using “Bengals” and their fans’ cheer “WhoDey” to tag his response on Twitter.

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  • Jburnseducator

    Why is he sucking up to boehner??? Chad has such low self esteem.