Palin Rips Michelle Obama: ‘Are We Just A Bunch Of Numbskulls?’ (VIDEO)

Source: James Crugnale / Mediaite

Appearing on Fox News’ HannitySarah Palin reacted in disgust to a clip from Gayle King‘s interview with First Lady Michelle Obama, where she said Americans were “confused” about how much had been accomplished by the President. “Oh, Lord. Oh, Lord — what are we just a bunch of numbskulls out here in the heartland of America?” Palin exclaimed incredulously. “Just a bunch of numbskulls who can’t read the unemployment numbers and see that 5 trillion dollars in new debt later under her husband, President Obama? 5 trillion dollars more! And we have fewer jobs today than we had before we took over, but, no, we’re numbskulls out here and we don’t know what the numbers actually represent!”

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  • Greglh

    Sarah Palin… Is about as bright as a Black Hole!!! 

  • Mrsdhill1708

    I wish Sarah Palin would be like a ghost and disappear. I don’t know why she is still getting air time. She is a joke, we are all numbskulls because we are still giving Sarah Palin airtime.

  • MC314

    Palin is so envious of Mrs. Obama.  She is so petty and immature. 

  • It is true that with what president Obama has accomplished, it is difficult for some Americans to see because people like sarah palin who doesn’t deserve air time, constantly babble ignorant data.  8.5% may not be where we want to be, but by God, its on its way down! This president has been blocked by republicans constantly when he introduces measures to help the economy, and if that’s not bad, they continue to make comments about the first lady and president that is very racist and disrespectful! If Crystal palin had been a black young lady who had a child out of wedlock, she would not have risen to her status (however short lived). I am sick and tired of hypocrites who think they have the market on christianity and their walk in no way shows it.  If sarah was capable of running for the office, she would have!  

  • Karl

    Maybe if Sarah would comment on things she has knowledge of like teenage pregnancy, how to quit a job or how to run up a clothing bill on someone else’s dime, people might listen to her. But, we all know this woman has the creditability of a cat in house full of rats(FOX NEWS). Before she gets on the television to discuss anything political she might want to explain why did she quit her governor’s job and if she couldn’t handle her own home how is she going to tell someone how to run a country?