Perspective: Why Should Jay-Z Get Props For Not Using The B-Word In His Music, Rappers Should Not Demean Women (VIDEO)

A lot of people are giving the rapper Jay-Z his props because he has announced, now that he has a daughter with Beyoncé, he is going to stop using the b-word in his music.

I’m sorry.  I – I – I don’t see that as giving somebody props, because the fact of the matter is you should have never referred to women in that way.  Jay-Z, you have a mother.  I’m sure you have aunts and female cousins and friends as well.  Your wife – same thing.

So, why do we somehow give somebody props for something they should have been doing a long time ago?  Look.  I totally get the whole idea of being mature and changing, but I’m always offended when a rapper or somebody else says, “Now that I have children, I’m now looking at women in a totally different light.”

No.  How ’bout looking at women in a different light from day one?  A daughter should not change that.  If we’re talking about the issue of dark girls and light skin and dark skin, if we’re talking about women, their affirmation and self-respect, maybe part of the problem is because too many men aren’t thinking about that when they’re boys, and then when they’re teenagers, and then when they’re grown men.

So, I say, Jay-Z, that’s great.  I appreciate you no longer using the b-word to describe women because you now have a daughter.  But I say to every other rapper, you should stop doing it as well and have some respect for Black women.

That’s my perspective.

What’s yours?