Poll: 43 Percent Believe God Helps Tebow Win

Source: Fox Sports

Some have made the joke that evangelical Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow gets a little help from above when he takes the field on Sundays.

But a recent poll shows that there are plenty of people out there who truly believe that’s the case.

According to a telephone survey conducted Tuesday by the website Poll Position, 43.3 percent of people believe Tebow’s accomplishments on the field can be attributed to divine intervention.

The poll surveyed 1,056 people, and of the 756 who said they were familiar with Tebow, roughly 327 of them said they believe God plays a role in the second-year NFL quarterback’s success.

Only 42.3 percent of those familiar with Tebow said divine intervention does not play a role in Tebow’s success (14.4 percent gave no opinion), meaning there are more respondents who do believe Tebow is receiving a little extra help than there are who don’t.

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  • Max9211996

    Looks like there are 327 people who are nuts.