Protesters Throw Smoke Bomb Over WH Fence While Obamas Dine Out

Source: ABC News

While the Obamas were dining at one of Washington’s finest steak houses,  Occupy DC protesters gathered in front of the White House and for a couple of hours, drew dozens of police cars toPennsylvania Avenue and briefly kept the press on lockdown inside the building.

The cause of the commotion is unclear but may have been a smoke bomb or firecracker  hurled by a protester over the White House fence from Pennsylvania Avenue.

When the press covering the president’s dinner trip this evening returned to the White House they were told they could not leave the building. Secret Secret told the reporters they were keeping them there while they investigated a “smoke bomb” that protesters may have thrown over the fence and onto the White House grounds.

The Associated Press’ Mark Smith reports: “Upon returning to the WH the (press pool) learned of the Secret Service report that a smoke bomb had earlier been tossed over the fence during a protest by Occupy protesters. There were no arrests or injuries. However, because of the incident pool members were not being allowed to leave the grounds.”

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