ROLAND S. MARTIN: Football Power In Texas Has Shifted To Houston

By Roland S. Martin

I hate the Dallas Cowboys.

No, I don’t dislike them. I flat out cannot stand anything about the Dallas Cowboys.

The year they went 1-15, I was ticked they won that one game.

When they played in those three Super Bowls in the ’90s, I rooted hard for the opposition.

Hell, I hate them more than the Ku Klux Klan!

That’s why I take great pleasure in seeing the transfer of power in the Lone Star State, where the football greatness has moved from Dallas to Houston.

For decades, all of the talk has been about the Cowboys, that damn star, and lately, the monstrosity of a football palace built by owner Jerry Jones. But with the NFL playoffs kicking off this weekend, the only football they’ll witness at Cowboys Stadium is Kansas State and Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl.

But 250 miles south of Dallas, the Houston Texans will take on the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC wild card game.

For Cowboys fans, it’s over. No longer can you talk supremacy over Houston. The expansion Texans is the talk of the state, and all the Cowboys fans can do is complain about Tony Romo and Jerry Jones.

And they might as well get used to it. The Cowboys are truly a has-been team. Those five Lombardi trophies? Well, you better keep watching NFL Films. That will be the only way to see Dallas raise that again.

The Texans are a young and talented team that could have done better than 10-6 had we not been hit with injuries to our top three players. We are about to see a tremendous run by the Texans, and when it comes to pro football in the state, no one will be talking about the bumbling Cowboys.

America’s Team? Hell, you’re barely Arlington’s team with the rise of the Texas Rangers in back-to-back World Series.

You don’t even have the best-looking cheerleaders in the NFL (I’ll vote for the Miami Dolphins).

Houston has always been a world-class city, and one satisfied with being a Texas town. Dallas? It’s always desired to be another Los Angeles and New York. Just get your own identity and stick with it.

Sure, Dallas will talk a lot of smack about being the Texans’ big brother, and before that, the Houston Oilers.

But I don’t care. I was a “Luv Ya Blue” fan before Bud Adams bolted to Tennessee, and now I’m a season ticket holder for the Texans.

I would continue, but I need to pack for my flight Friday to Houston for the game. All the Cowboys fans will be packing is a bunch of Haterade for the new King of Football in Texas: the Houston Texans.

  • Greglh

    Haha… a Super Bowl-LESS team to represent Texas??  LOL!!!  Too Funny!
    And this year they are just filling a spot. They are not real contenders. Sorry.

    Friend. You are in for years of disappointments.  No matter how much you HATE America’s Team they ARE STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE  the team of Texas and the United States of America.

    Until your team accomplishes at least 1% of what the Cowboys have accomplished the rant only comes off as blind hate.  Lol!

    But I enjoy your political analysis.  Man we need more shows like yours even if it is on African American run stations.   I’m seriously tired of just being offered entertainment.  I’m sure our people watch the News, 60 minutes, 20/20, etc…  For me it is a disgrace that they offer NO NEWS.  So daily we have to analyze what is being told to the world.  We now have the power to change it and all we provide is ENTERTAINMENT.  

    And please no more Black this or that… seriously.
    Can we please offer all viewers shows without the black labeling.
    We really defeat the argument of not wanting to be labeled.
    I’m seeing a lot of contradiction in our entertainment field.

    Peace!  Go Cowboys!!!!!!!

  • LaDre

    Are you kidding me????  The Texans won a playoff game . . . finally . . . . and the power has shifted to Houston??? Insanity abounds!  We are America’s Team, and we are going to get more attention and coverage than the Texans or any other team could ever dream of having . . . even in a mediocre year.  Have you won one Super Bowl?  No.  Therefore, since there is absolutely no documented proof or pattern of this “shift of power”, please stop the madness, Dr. Martin.  Please.  I beseech you.


  • LaDre

    Washington Watch is a regularly DVRed!  I love the show!  Please do more CNN events!