WATCH: Why Isn’t Obama Taking The Jobs Fight To The Poorest States, Plus Has POTUS Really Started Fundraising?

Roland Martin joined Brooke Baldwin in the CNN Newsroom to discuss if President Obama has begun fundraising for the 2012 presidential campaign. Plus Roland questions why POTUS is not taking the jobs fight to the poorest states in the country.

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  • Anonymous

    What difference does it make where he is taking it. It is for the benefit of all the people that he is trying to bring more jobs to the country. He was at the White House today meeting with business men to insource jobs. So does that mean only people in DC will benefit? I think not. We all know that the President does not create jobs. He can only provide the incentive to do so, if congress agrees. You do know that the President is only one man and not God. He cannot do everything by himself. He is domed if he does and domed if he doesn’t. He just cannot win. Why are you making a issue out of this and why not the businesses that will not hire the poor? There has been 22 months of job growth and you are going negative. Do you think Mitt Romney would go into the poor states or even provide any incentive to create jobs?