Roland, TJMS, 01.16.12: Roland S. Martin/Tom Joyner Morning Show, Ambassador Andrew Young Says We Don’t Really Understand Dr. King’s Message, We Can Love Our Enemies, Made No Progress On Poverty

Roland Martin talks with Ambassador Andrew Young about how Americans should celebrate Martin Luther King Day and understanding his message.

  • The one thing that I’m hearing as the most important of Ambassador Young’s comments was the fact that he and Dr. King and all the other pivotal leaders in the sixties were in their twenties!!!  They had clear agendas and stuck to them in the most stalwart fashion.  He also serves as proof that when the young don’t have (a) real agenda(s) AND THEY DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO THEIR ELDERS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE THAT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER.  Its pretty grim the situation we’re in and as Mr. Young also stated, President Obama has had to deal with such an incredibly complicated unraveling of so many ludicrous policies, specifically from the Bush era in the areas of foreign policy, it is unprecedented in the office of any President (the only ones that faced comparable situations are Roosevelt and Lincoln ).