Roland, TJMS, 01.17.12: Roland S. Martin/Tom Joyner Morning Show, Philly Mayor Michael Nutter’s Tough Words For Area Teens And Their Parents Strike A Nerve

Roland Martin talks with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter about a recent shooting that claimed the life of three teenagers, his controversial comments regarding the incident, shared responsibility and parenting.

  • Daphine johnson

    This is sad but I agree with the mayor why were these young people out on a school night pass their curfew? The parents of the victims should be investigated, and punitive damages of negligence applied! Harsh but real, they are accountable until age eighteen, they failed! Their is a deep hatred of self, and those that look like us among the thinking of many young Black males, I have heard them make statements such as “do not mind dying” why so quick to relinquish one’s life for what? I am baffle, and frustrated by what I see and hear fifty years later after Jim Crows laws were abolish!