Romney ‘Optimistic’ About SC Victory, Where Race Is Tight

Source: MSNBC / Garrett Haake

GILBERT, SC – Mitt Romney said Friday he was “cautiously optimistic” he could still pull out a win in South Carolina’s primary, where he’s working to withstand a last minute surge by Newt Gingrich.

Romney, who finished fourth in the 2008 primary, has watched Gingrich chip away at his lead in polls here over the course of the week. Voters head to the polls tomorrow to cast their ballots in the first-in-the-south primary.

“I sure would like to win South Carolina, but I know that if those polls were right, regardless of who gets the final number, we’re both going to get a lot of delegates. I want as many delegates as I can get — I want the most delegates coming out of South Carolina,” Romney told reporters gathered for a press conference. “But I don’t know what the numbers will be. I’m pretty confident, cautiously optimistic.”

The former Massachusetts governor also acknowledged the tightening of the race, which has twisted and turned dramatically in the last 24 hours.

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