Saints Fan Accused Of Shooting Two Men Cheering For The 49ers Outside An Applebee’s In Georgia

Source: David Boroff / New York Daily News

An angry Saints fan in Georgia took his rage too far when he shot two men cheering for the 49ers on the day of San Francisco’s stunning NFL playoff victory over New Orleans, police said.

Donald Ray Ayro was arrested in Saturday’s shooting outside an Applebee’s in Duluth, Ga.

One victim, Corey Adams, suffered a minor wound to his head, while Christopher Middleton is in critical condition after being shot in the stomach, according to multiple reports.

Ayro became enraged when Middleton and Adams, who were watching the game in Applebee’s, cheered after the Niners scored, cops said.

San Francisco won the playoff game with a touchdown with just nine seconds left, but it is not clear which touchdown set Ayro off.

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