LOOK! Racist Email Of The Day From skerd111@yahoo.com

From: F1Racing <skerd111@yahoo.com>
Date: January 5, 2012 6:36:20 PM EST
To: “roland@rolandsmartin.com” <roland@rolandsmartin.com>
Subject: ???
Reply-To: F1Racing <skerd111@yahoo.com>

Hi Roland.  There are 12 teams in the NFL playoffs, guess how many have a black quarterback?

The answer is zero.  I am still waiting for you to name five major things in the history of the world that blacks have ever done. Have a nice day.

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  • Joser718

    I don’t understand Roland… I though that, since the first Black president was elected, there is no more racism in America! Does this asshole’s comments mean I am wrong? Hear that noise? That’s the sound of my breaking heart…

  • Wow! I actually feel sorry for him, because of his ignorance and stupidity.The world is changing, yet it is still the same.

  • Really ?