ROY S. JOHNSON: Transform Your Least Favorite Body Part (by Transforming Your Body)!

A lot of people workout–especially beginners or folks who haven’t trained in years–because they don’t like a specific part of their body. Maybe it’s their chunky (or chicken-then) legs. Or jiggly arms. A saggy butt. Or their gut.

Truth is, it’s almost impossible to transform just one part of your body, particularly if you’re trying to shed flab.

Of course there are myriad moves targeting specific areas, and even specific muscles, but it doesn’t make sense to do those same moves day in and day out. For one, your muscles needs rest. (The only exception is your core muscles, which can pretty much be trained almost every day.)

Secondly, limiting your training moves would cause your body to be out of balance–think Popeye: massive forearms and, well, pretty much Olive Oyl everywhere else.

So no matter what you’re trying to change about yourself, embark on an all-body regiment that includes cardio, core training and weight-resistance.

If you’re a beginner, start with two days each week (aiming for more, then falling short, will douse your motivation) and about an hour for your workout: 20 minutes each of cardio, core and weights.

But two that for only three weeks, then shoot for three days each week.

Explore this site for various core moves and strategies, and focus on form when working on weights, especially at the beginning.

And when you’re doing cardio, push yourself, even at the beginning. I’d rather you do five hard minutes on a bike, elliptical or treadmill than 20 minutes looking like you’d burn more calories in your sleep.

Then this is key (especially if you’re trying to lose weight): Change your diet!

All the training in the world won’t make much difference if they folks at the local fast-foot and ice cream joints know you by name. This site will also offer you some great nutrition tips.

If you’re diligent on all fronts, you’ll likely start see (and feeling) changes within the first two weeks. Use these gains to push for and soon you’ll see that transformation you want – all over your body!

Challenge yourself!

Roy S. Johnson is the founder of Fit! Live! Win! and former Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Fitness. Fit! Live! Win! was created to be the only workout buddy you’ll ever need, to help you challenge yourself with new workout moves, training regiments and eating strategies from the best trainers and nutritionists in the business. For more information about Roy S. Johnson and Fit! Live! Win! visit