Washington Watch w/Roland Martin, 01.22.12 [Transcript]

Newt Gingrich race baiting in South Carolina.  Mitt Romney just too rich to connect with voters?  And Rick Stantorum tells the biggest damn lie about Pres. Obama.  In the “Washington Watch” roundtable, Sophia Nelson, columnist for thegriot.com; syndicated columnist George Curry; Cynthia Gordy, Washington reporter for theroot.com; and “The Black Eagle,” Joe Madison, of Sirius XM Radio.  Also, Bill Duke with a compelling, new look at an old issue in the African-American community – that light skin, dark skin thing.  All that, plus Pres. Barack Obama turns the tables on 90-year-old actress Betty White, and he also gives a shout-out to Al Green – all today on “Washington Watch.”

Download the Washington Watch with Roland Martin transcript WW – 01-1.22.2012 Show