WATCH: Soledad O’Brien Grills Obama Book Author Jodi Kantor (VIDEO)

Author Jodi Kantor defends her controversial book, “The Obamas.”


  • LOL…………whew…………….this chick got put on the ropes…………LOL

    • tiztiz

      No i don’t think this CHICK – was put on the ropes. I think Soledad herself took it personal. If access was given – it was given. Now i love Mrs Obama – but she should have been more protective than give these clowns access to do a book on the family.
      Especially the way President Obama has been treated in the white house..
      We get so EMOTIONAL about the OBAMAS – we often forget that the Pres has been a puppet from day 1…

    • Brey

      I agree with you Crystal. I think girlfriend bit off a little more than she could chew. But much like many conservatives (not all), the goal need not be factual as long as it makes a profit. Just saying, it is what it is…

  • O’Brien didn’t interview the author either.  

  • Isn’t it amazing how the libs circle the wagons when something like this happens.  Soledad was a joke; she obviously doesn’t know a thing about how one conducts research.  Would she have been this aggressive if the book had been about a Republican? No.

    • Brey

      And please feel free to inform all of us how one conducts research? Last time I checked being a college graduate and all, it takes more then a 40 minute interview and a few quotes to write something and call it “researched material” and/or a book. And I am a registered independent voter so please spare me with any “liberal” retorts.