BET Refuses to Air Nicki Minaj Music Video

Source: Erin Carlson, The Hollywood Reporter / Billboard

According to TMZ, the music network has banned the rapper’s new music video for her song “Stupid H-e” after deeming it too raunchy.

In the clip, directed by Hype Williams, Minaj — sporting her signature cartoonish outfits — repeats the title lyrics along with other explicit words, while writhing around in a cage, among other behavior befitting her manic-vixen persona. Among the song’s tamest rhymes: “I’m Angelina, you Jennifer/ C’mon b–h, you see where Brad at.”

Meanwhile, an image of a bare behind — a clear tribute to Minaj’s famous derriere — flashes repeatedly on the screen. (If the report of BET’s refusal to air the video has any weight, that might have had something to do with the channel’s decision.)

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  • Janice

    The song is just downright offensive. She gets on my nerves because she doesn’t seem to have any respect for herself or other women. But Lady Gaga does very close to nudity in her videos. Even had a g-string on at AI, so I wonder why she’s not getting banned.

  • Janice

    What I mean about respecting herself. You’re rapping about a stupid hoe and your lyrics and behavior in the video indicate that you are.