Chaka Khan Blasts Clive Davis’ Decision To Host Pre-Grammy Gala

Source: Lauren Moraski / CBS News

Chaka Khan is speaking up about Whitney Houston, pinning blame on “dangerous people” and blasting Clive Davis for hosting his pre-Grammy party just hours after Houston’s death — in the same hotel in which she died.

“I stand on, whoever flew her out to perform at that party, should have provided someone to be there,” the 58-year-old Khan said Monday during an interview on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” “To somehow, keep the riff-raff out of the situation. To keep the dangerous people away.”

Davis, who was Houston’s mentor and producer, said Houston would have wanted the “music to go on” Saturday night, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I thought that was complete insanity,” Khan said when asked about the music mogul’s decision. “And knowing Whitney I don’t believe that she would’ve said, ‘The show must go on.’ She’s the kind of woman who would’ve said, ‘stop everything! I’m not going to be there.’ I don’t know what could motivate a person to have a party in the building where the person whose life he had influenced so enormously — and whose life has been affected by hers. I don’t understand how that party went on.”

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  • LisaDaniels

    I’ve to admit I was saddened by Clive Davis’ decision to continue on with the party. I think it was in poor taste. But I’m not that surprise with the way he treated Phyllis Hyman, too.