Chaka Khan: Whitney Like A Daughter (VIDEO)

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TODAY’s Lester Holt discusses the life and death of Whitney Houston with the Rev. Al Sharpton, a family friend, and Singer Chaka Khan, one of the people credited with discovering Houston’s amazing talent as a teenager.

  • Fava

    I listened to these two interviews basically because of the quote from the media saying that Chaka Khan’s felt that Whitney was like a daughter. Not once did I hear Chaka say she was like a daughter, she said she was like a “little sister.” The same thing, right in this interview was a statement made by the newsman about Whitney singing backup for Chaka. Chaka corrected the newsman telling him that “she did not sing backup for me.”  This is how the media takes something and turns it into something sensationally WRONG!!  This happens so often, how is one supposed to believe anything that is said in the media?