Gingrich Backer Willing To Give $100M To Benefit Former House Speaker Gingrich

Source: CBS News

The billionaire casino magnate backing Newt Gingrich said he is prepared to give $100 million to help the former House speaker in his quest for the White House if he decides it is necessary.

Sheldon Adelson, who has already given $11 million to the outside group backing Gingrich and is expected to give another $10 million in the coming days, told Forbes magazine he is prepared to spend five times that amount.

Adelson told the business magazine that those who criticize him for propping up Gingrich “like to trash other people.”

“It’s unfair that I’ve been treated unfair–but it doesn’t stop me. I might give $10 million or $100 million to Gingrich,” Adelson said. It was not clear when the comments were made.

The owner of the Venetian casino and resort said he does not like the way wealthy individuals are able to influence elections but he will continue to do it as long as he can.

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