House Bans Welfare Recipients’ Money From Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores

Source: AP / CBS News

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill that prohibits welfare recipients from using their government subsidy in strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos.

The measure easily received the necessary support of two-thirds of House members, with 395 voting in favor and only 27 opposing.

House Republicans introduced and promoted the proposal as a way to eliminate government wasteful spending. It has passed the House before, and they re-introduced it again hoping it will become part of a bill to extend the payroll tax credit, which both the House and Senate is expected to debate this month.

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  • B P Dixon

    I’m sorry, but how do they plan on enforcing this law. But, what’s worse, why do they insist on perpetuating the notion that poor people are somehow morally inferior? In Florida you have to get drug tested to get assistance. Now you have to have the entire nation look at you as though you need welfare so you can by liquor and go to strip clubs. Sad.

  • nate

    BP, what are you talking about? People don’t want their tax dollars being used to buy liquor, drugs, or gambling. How can you blame them? It has nothing to do with morality.